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Writer's Block: Father figure

What's the most memorable piece of advice your father has shared with you?

To never live beyond my means.

i take too many quizzes.

Your Love Style is Passionate

You tend to approach falling in love seriously. You know that each new person could be the one.

You see love as the most important part of your life. You don't obsess over it, but it is what gets you up in the morning.

You see love as calming and relaxing. Being with someone makes you feel pampered and cared for. You need a stable relationship.

You are swept off your feet by words of love. A love letter or love poem from your sweetie can make your heart melt.


Hi guys, it's been a while.

Brief life update:

I met a boy. I love him. I fell for him FAST. It's complicated.

Summer's over halfway over. WHOA. I've been working at McDonald's, but this is my last week. Then it's off to San Diego and then Ft. Lauderdale. Whew.

I miss Skidmore.

Baseball has been great this summer. White Sox owning, Cubs sucking...quality stuff right there.

I have a tumblr now! www.emilyemmyemmeh.tumblr.com

(please stalk it, haha).

And now for a meme-type thing, stolen from skylineeee:

Three names you go by:
- emily
- emmy
- emmeh (that one's kind of a school-wide inside joke from high school)

Three physical things you like about yourself:
- legs
- eyes
- hair

Three parts in your heritage:
- irish
- russian
- lithuanian

Three things that scare you:
- the thought of being buried alive
- needles
- rejection (heavy, i know)

Three of your everyday essentials:
- iphone
- laptop
- perrier (oh my god i'm spoiled)

Three things you’re wearing now:
- old purple dress
- watch
- rings

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists:
- 3oh!3
- stars
- all-time low

Three careers you’re considering/ you’ve considered:
- cia employee
- teacher
- forensic scientist

Three places you want to go on vacation:
- tokyo
- shanghai
- dubai

- i love dresses and high heels
- i love laying out in the sun
- i love being complimented

- i swear a lot
- i have an alcohol tolerance that trumps that of some guys i know
- i love family guy


i guess i'm not surprised...

You Scored as Freddie

You are always cautious, sensible & responsible, & have a tendency to wallow when upset. However, you are intensely loving & will stop at nothing to protect the ones you love. You are a true romantic.



this is true.

gURL.comI took the "Love Style" quiz on gURL.com
I am...

John Alan Lee would identify you as the classic red-blooded lover: passionate, abandoned and a great admirer of physical beauty. Ah, the romantic, the prime target of Cupid's arrow. Read more...

What's your love style?


Ah it took me like, four days to get through the backlog of 280 entries on my friends list but I did it and now I can post! LJ is such a great way to avoid studying for my history exam, haha.

Anyway, SKINS. When I first heard that the movie was in the works, I was really excited but then I remembered that Freddie is DEAD. Ugh. If the movie involves Cook/Effy I will not be happy, not because I don't like them but because that'd just be SO disrespectful to poor, dead Freddie.

There's been lots of speculation about what happened after the final credits rolled, and for me there's no question that Freddie is actually dead (as much as I hate to admit it), but more controversially, that Cook fucking KILLED John Foster, as well he should have. As for what happened to Cook after that, I don't know. I guess we'll find out in the movie, though.

Speaking of Cook, I was always WAY more of a Freffy fan than a Ceffy fan until this season. Jack's acting, especially this season, was phenomenal, and I don't know if it's the writing, directing, or just the actors' chemistry but his and Kaya's scenes in episode 7 were just amazing and heartbreaking. And the last scene of the finale....gave me chills. My mom was making fun of me for freaking out but then I showed her the clip (IT'S ON YOUTUBE, THANK GOD) and she was like "Damn." I then tried to show her Freddie's death scene but I actually had to look away and cover my ears. Whyyyy is this show so intense?

But don't worry! Freffy is still my favorite. They're actually very close to becoming my OTP of all-time, because Chuck and Blair have completely lost their fire this season. And I'm not just talking about the lack of sex scenes. They're so BORING. Oh, mommy issues and grown-up, mature Chuck. How compelling. I was actually glad Jack was back because a) he's hot (but Desmond Harrington was hotter in Dexter, in my opinion) and b) that man brings the drama. Sorry, Gossip Girl rant over.

I know some people don't feel this way, but the Freddie/Effy/Cook triangle captivated me from beginning to end and is pretty much the only reason this generation was my favorite. Sure, Gen 1 had the camaraderie and group scenes (and Chris and Tony), but the various love triangles in that generation just could not compare to the epicness of Freffook (yes, it sounds like an Inuit tribe, but I'm too lazy to think of a a better name).

I've been watching a lot of fanvids (this is what midterms do to me!) lately, and watching the ones that center around Effy/Cook has made me realize how HORRIBLE Effy was to both boys last season (and this season, too). She's still probably my favorite character, but if she weren't so damn awesome that level of bitchassery would not be tolerated.

Since a lot of (far less interesting) things happened in the finale besides "I'M COOOOOOOK!", I guess I'll address some of those as well.

Naomily=ew. I never understood why everyone loved them so much, and that's no different after that frankly laughable apology scene. Lily Loveless is quite pretty, but her acting just doesn't do it for me. The fact that she completely botched what was arguably her character's most important scene the whole season is proof of her inadequacy.

One final note about acting: Luke BROUGHT IT this season.

While even I, a devout Freddie/Freffy/Luke worshipper can admit that he was by no means spectacular last season (but then again, he wasn't given the amazing acting opportunities that Jack was...I'M JUST SAYIN'), he was simply fantastic in s4. Haters can hate, but they're just pissed about how Cook/Effy ended up (or rather...DIDN'T end up, heehee), or carrying over residual distaste for Freddie/Luke's acting from s3.

Hahahahah I am incapable of writing short LJ entries. This is embarrassing. But it's SKINS, the best show EVER. It deserves a long post.

On a side note, I go home a week from tomorrow. YES.


Dear Skins,

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i don't even know what to DO with myself.



What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!
My answer to this question is not simple, because I take my sandwiches very seriously. I will eat nearly any combination of meat and cheese, provided one thing: there. are. no. condiments. No mustard. No ketchup. And God forbid there should be mayonnaise. If I need a sandwich to be moist, I'll add some tomato or avocado, thank you. I suppose it can be said I have four favorite sandwiches, none of which I like to make myself, because I'm lazy as all Hell.

Sandwich #1 is made on French bread with roast beef and provolone cheese by my father in our panini maker. It's delicious, especially when paired with a pickle.

Sandwich #2 is made by the lovely students who work the deli station at my college's dining hall. It is actually a wrap, and consists of a plain tortilla (whole grain will do in pinch), turkey, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. If I need calcium, I'll throw in some provolone, too. I don't get these as much as I used to, because they are freaking huge and my appetite has dwindled since first semester. Again, this sandwich is very pickle-friendly, and you always have the option of getting one, because my school just rocks that way.

Sandwich #3 is made by the workers at the Spa, or my school's diner-type establishment. It is a grilled cheese on white bread with either bacon or tomato, because depending on my mood, I prefer one of those to the other. If I'm feeling particularly zesty, I will order a grilled cheese with bacon AND tomato. I am determined to master making my own grilled cheese and tomato/bacon sandwiches, because when I go home for the summer and don't have the Spa to make them for me I might die, and my mom gets annoyed with me always asking her to make them (plus her kind isn't as good).

Sandwich #4 is a PB&J on white, because I am a child at heart. Throw in some apple sauce on the side and chocolate milk to drink and you might as well put me in a booster seat.


Oh my God...Skins

I just watched the best episode of any television show I have ever seen in my life. At this point, I don't even mind if Freddie and Effy aren't endgame. This episode exceeded my wildest expectations and I am still so emotional about it right now. Cinematography=beautiful. Music=amazing. Acting=superb (anyone who's ever said that Luke is a bad actor is probably having trouble removing their feet from their mouths right now). And while some people may disagree with this point, the story was brilliant. I can't even say my favorite scene, but the scene with Freddie and Effy under the bed and the end scene with Freddie and Cook are probably the primary contenders.

I have never been this emotional before because of a television show, or even a movie. Even when Chris died and Tony got hit by a bus and Time to Pretend played at the end of season 2, I didn't feel so...stripped.

I have never loved this show, or Freddie Mclair, or Luca Pasqualino more.

Just, wow.

I can't believe I ever thought Gossip Girl held a candle to this show, haha.


Hai, bbs!

Ahhh where to begin. I guess first I should say that I'm actually kind of happy right now. Last night I hung out with a lot of people I like, and even met some new cool people. It's always nice meeting new people this late in the year, in my opinion. I had a rather big history exam this morning that my roommate and I were freaking out over (she's in my class), but we both agreed it wasn't completely abominable. We also agreed that we were SO not going to the classes we had immediately afterwards. Teehee. We're not that close, but I feel like we bonded in the last 24 hours, or something.

Ugh I need to start getting nine hours of sleep again. Or even eight. I'm a sleep addict. Some people can actually function on two hours of sleep, and that is just not me. I'm kind of jealous of my roommate, actually, because she wakes herself up at like 9:30 on weekdays even if she doesn't have class til noon. That's NOT how I work, haha. Like, her earliest class is at 9:40 (the one with me) twice a week and she wakes up when I do for it (8:45ish), and the rest of the week she has no class until noon or no class at all but she's STILL UP at like 10am. I don't know how she does this.

Wow, that was a pointless rant. And I say "like" too much. Anyway, holy effing crap I am dying with excitement for Skins tonight. I might try to catch it streaming. FREFFY SEX FREFFY SEX FREFFY SEX. If Cook/Effy is actually endgame I won't be pleased. Cook is just....not relationship material. I took my exam today on my laptop, and everyone was giving me looks because of my obnoxiously bright Cook/Effy/Freddie background. THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND MY LOVE. Hah.

Even in my relative state of happiness, I still can't wait to get out of here in FIFTEEN DAYS RAHHHHH. And I'm pretty sure I only have one, maybe two papers to do before then. Hollaaaaaa.

How's everyone else?

Also, Elliott Smith is a mofo genius. He's like my Kurt Cobain, since I don't particularly care for Nirvana. "Needle in the Hay" is one of those rare songs that you just don't have to be in a particular mood to listen to. It's just beautiful.

OH I submitted some of my writing to the Skidmore literary magazine AND this new sex magazine thing...I wonder if it'll make it into either. I feel like Mom and Dad would be prouder if it made it into the literary magazine, haha.